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Luoyang K-Line Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

Luoyang K-Line Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Fuxing West Road, Luoxin Industrial Cluster, Luoyang City, and is a manufacturing site for K-Line Trailers Ltd. of Canada in China. The Company was established in February 2007 with a registered capital of 3 million yuan. The enterprise covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with a factory floor area of 5,100 square meters. The office building is 1,000 square meters. The headcount is more than 80. The Company has set up Comprehensive Department, Finance Department, Production Department, Engineering Department, Material Preparation Section, Welding Section, Assembling Section, Total Installation Workshop Section. The Company has excellent management team, technical team and manufacturing team. The Company’s business scope covers the heavy trailer, engineering machinery, wind power generation and other industries. And the Company’s main products include port container transport trailer, low-plate trailer, mine vehicle, bulk material transport vehicle, wind generator large-scale components special transport vehicle, side-turn self-unloading trailer, back-turn self-unloading trailer, mining equipment and coal mine hydraulic support steel and other structural components. The products are mainly sold in Europe and North America. The Company has an annual output of 360 sets of various types of frames and their accessories, and more than 2,000 tons of steel structural parts. Every product from Luoyang K-Line Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is accepted in strict accordance with European standards, and the product quality is trusted by customers. The Company has obtained ISO9001 Quality System Certification, obtained 16 various authorized patents. We believe that when you have relevant product needs, Luoyang K-Line engineers’ team can provide you with outstanding solutions. We are ready to work sincerely with you to prosper together, so that our products will accompany your cause to a brilliant tomorrow!

Luoyang K-Line Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Scientific Innovation 

The Company has also possessed tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, hardness testing machine, spectral analyzer, ultrasonic tester, portable three-coordinate tester, roughness tester, paint film thickness tester, vernier caliper of each specification, inner and outer diameter micrometer, water level and other testing equipment. We ensure that each product provided to you has been strictly tested.

K-Line Mechanical Qualification Patent

★ Passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification
★  Certificate of Quality Management System

★  Obtained 16 granted patents of various types



Luoyang K-Line Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

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